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Survey Scope, Objective & Conditions
Terms & Explanations
Targeted Participant Categories


Summary of the Principal Results & Conclusions

Respondent Organisations & Respondents

Sector Involvement
Participating Countries
Language Used to Complete Survey
Current & Possible Future Respondent Activies
General Comprehension
Participation in Standard Producing Organisations
The Responding Companies & Organisations – Names & Countries
Respondant Organisations & Respondents – Review

Current Availability in the Respondant’s Country
Services Currently Supplied by Respondents
Services Most Urgently Required
When will the Following Services be Available in your Country
Desired Urgency to Make Services Available

Preferred Airspace Reconfiguration Concepts
Rules & Regulations – Need for Specifications
Roles & Responsibilities – Need for Clarification
Business & Financial Aspects
The U-space Concept – Degree of Maturity
The U-space Concept – What is Currently Missing
Concepts Based on Immature or Non-Existant Technologies

Standards – Possible Participation
General Standard-related Matters
Do the Required Standards for the Following Services Exist
Standards – Requirements
Suggested Additional European-wide Standards
Requirement for standards currently under consideration by ISO and interest to contribute to this standards producing effort

Availability & Cost
Annual Cost in €
Minimum Age

UAS Geographical Zones (Geo-zones)
Existing Geo-Zones
Responsability – Management of Geo-zones & Geo-Awareness Service Provision
Accountable Geo-Awareness Manager
Is There a Charge for the Geo-Awareness Service?||