1. Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) Provider (e.g. conformance monitoring, geo-awareness, flight autorisation, network identification, weather information)

  2. Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP)

  3. ATM/UTM/U-space software development companies (does not supply services to UAS operators with the developed software)

  4. Provider of Common Information Service (CISP) (Prospective)

  5. Communication Service Provider (e.g. mobile network, satellite communication)

  6. Conformity Assessment Body (private or public, commercial or not-for-profit entity, national standards bodies, trade association, consumer organisations, organisations that undertake conformity assessment activities (e.g. testing, inspection, certification) in accordance with national regulations

  7. Consultancy specialized in safety risk assessment (SORA, PDRA, STS), and selling their services to UAS operators, and approved by their national aviation authority (NAA)

  8. UAS manufacturer/integrator

  9. UAS manufacturer/integrator & operator [commercial – all aircraft types & all flight mission purposes]

  10. UAS operator [commercial & non-commercial – all aircraft types – all flight mission purpose categories (except transport of cargo & persons)]

  11. UAS operator [commercial & non-commercial – all aircraft types – Transport of cargo & persons]

  12. General Aviation (GA) (manned aviation e.g. sport & leisure activities: pilots of balloons, gliders, ultralights; aerial work operators; business aviation; & related associations)

  13. Commercial manned aviation [airlines (passenger & freight carriers; air taxi operators); pilots; related associations)

  14. National Aviation Authority (NAA) – Regulatory authorities (ministry, directorate, CAA, inspectorate) – National & regional level

  15. Local authority (e.g. city/municipality, harbour) & regional authority (e.g. France: department, Germany: Länder, Spain: region, Italy: province/region, Netherlands: province)

  16. Notified Body (organisation designated by EU country to assess product conformity)

  17. Qualified Entity (QE) (an entity to which a specific certification task is allocated by and under control of a national aviation authority or EASA)

  18. Standard Development Organisation (SDO) (national, European, international)

  19. Urban Air Mobility (UAM) service provider (Prospective) [services (incl. infrastructure) required to make the
    transport of cargo & persons (air taxis) by unmanned aircraft possible in an urban environment]

  20. U-space Service Provider (USSP) (Prospective) (supplying e.g.: network identification service, flight
    authorisation service, geo-awareness service, traffic information service)