The non-military Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) / Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) / Drone community, as well as the regulatory authorities and the press, make suppositions concerning the drone market (the market sectors involved), as well as the flight operations actually taking place in these market sectors.

These suppositions are not based on inputs received from qualified and quantified UAS / RPAS / Drone operator community members. In addition, there are no commonly accepted definitions of the terms used to identify the market sectors and flight operations, which adds to the confusion.

As a consequence, the information on the current & future drone markets that is reaching industry (manufacturers & operators), potential customers & investors, policy makers, regulatory authorities, standards producing organisations, as well as the general public, is not necessarily correct. This situation is hampering the development of the international drone market.

This survey has as purpose to contribute to correcting this situation, to propose terminology for referring to the non-military UAS / RPAS / Drone market (commercial & non-commercial), as well as to map this market and identify it to the concerned stakeholder communities, and to obtain information on its state of readiness relative to the implementation of the upcoming drone regulations.

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