The RPAS Regulation Monitor has as purpose to supply regularly updated information on RPAS related regulation & certification to the international RPAS community.

The RPAS Regulation Monitor has two sections: an openly accessible section & a section accessible only to UVS International members.

Both of these sections are split into Europe (EU & non-EU) & Outside Europe.

The openly accessible section contains two documents for both Europe and Outside Europe:


This document indicates, country-by-country, where regulation is in place, for what MTOM it is applicable, since when it is in place, if the regulation concerns VLOS and/or BLOS operations, if RPAS flight operations are facilitated by the national aviation authority, where regulation is being updated, is in preparation & when it is expected to be published.


This document indicates, country-by-country, the amount of certified operators, pilots, manufacturers and RPAS, and if a Qualified Entity (QE) has been appointed, is in the process of being appointed, or if a QE from another country is recognised.

Note : In this context certification is to be understood as a form of official recognition of compliance with the applicable requirements by means of the issuance of a certificate attesting such compliance.

RPAS Regulation Europe & RPAS Certification Europe

The restricted access section contains one single document one single document for both Europe and Outside Europe

Regulation & Certification

This document contains an explanation of the terms used, and indicates, country-by-country, if the national aviation authority is a member of the ICAO UAS Study Group and/or JARUS, if a regulation is in place, is being updated (or when it is planned to come into force), if RPAS flight operations are facilitated by the national aviation authority, and details of relevance to operators that have been pulled from the national regulation, e.g: applicable RPAS ratings, information on registration marks, operations & operational scenarios, operator obligations, remote pilot requirements (theoretical, practical, medical) and insurance.
The restricted access section will be up in the near future.

(Documents to be posted soon)

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