Within the context of its Global Access Initiative, UVS International has organised this survey on currently on-going civil RPAS operations. The intent of this survey has the following objectives:

  • Reach out to the current civil RPAS operators’ community (operators: persons, organizations or enterprises engaged in or offering to engage in an aircraft operation);
  • Permit the current civil RPAS operators’ community to identify itself;
  • Identify the types of the civil RPAS currently being used;
  • Identify the types of missions currently being flown;
  • Evaluate the quantity of currently on-going and anticipated civil RPAS operations;
  • Identify the wishes of the civil RPAS operators’ community in the field of regulatory and operational developments relative to their anticipated future activities, and make it possible for this community to make its voice heard;
  • Supply the relevant conclusions to the organization’s involved with preparing the future RPAS regulatory framework.


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