This document has been prepared by the “European RPAS Steering Group” (ERSG), a group of stakeholders gathering the main organisations and experts interested in the integration of RPAS into the European aviation system: EASA, EUROCONTROL, EUROCAE, SESAR JU, JARUS, ECAC, EDA, ESA, ASD, UVSI, EREA and ECA.


This group has been set-up by the European Commission in July 2012, as an outcome of the consultation conducted by the Commission between 2009 and 2012 on the future of
RPAS in Europe. This consultation identified the safe integration of RPAS into the European aviation system as the main priority to support the development of this sector in Europe. The European RPAS Steering Group (ERSG) received the mandate to establish a Roadmap for the safe integration of civil RPAS into the European aviation system, aiming at an initial RPAS integration by 2016. On 20 June 2013 the Roadmap was handed over to the European Commission at the occasion of the Paris Air Show. The Roadmap identifies all the issues to be addressed and establishes a step-by-step approach to address them. The complete document includes 3 annexes entitled:

  • A Regulatory Approach
  • A Strategic Research Plan
  • A Study on the Societal Impact

The complete version with its 3 annexes is available on-line at

By presenting a clear way forward towards the integration of RPAS, the Roadmap is expected to facilitate the decisions to be taken by the different organisations involved, provide transparency and efficiency in the planning of different initiatives and support the coordination of the related activities in Europe.

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