Drones For Security, Law Enforcement & Public Safety

This international conference, an integral part of Milipol Asia-Pacific 2017, the 7thinternational exhibition of homeland security, will focus on the use of drones in the fields of public security & law enforcement (police, border guard, coast guard, customs, forest guards, anti-poaching, judiciary) and public safety (civil defence, civil protection, critical infrastructure protection, disaster relief, firefighting, industrial accidents, public health). In addition, applications in the domains of humanitarian relief environmental protection, corporate security (industrial site, construction & real estate, mining & exploration) will be discussed.

A significant part of the conference will be dedicated to operational experience and lessons learned, where current drone operators will share their experience in operational missions as diverse as analysis, detection, classifying, communication relay, dispensing, ECM, identification, inspection, localisation, mapping, medical supply, monitoring, observation, patrolling, photography, recognition, relief flights, situational assessment, special purpose, spotting, surveillance, tracking, validation, video, delivery non-lethal ordnance – Anti-drone system experimentation.

In addition, the operational capabilities of various drone systems and payloads, as well as anti-drone systems, cyber security measures, data processing, geo-fencing/geo-caging, and new products and technologies will be presented.

Drone Asia is organized by UVS International, The Netherlands, in partnership with Comexposium, Singapore.

 Drone Asia – Online Presentation Proposal Submission Form

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