In the context of this survey, “Drone Operator” should be understood as a company or organisation (non-governmental or governmental) conducting, or planning to conduct, commercial or non-commercial flight operations with drones.

Commercial Operations:
Flights carried out by companies for paying customers (incl. Flight Schools and Test & Demonstration Site Management organisations).

Non-Commercial Operations:
Flights carried out by companies or organisations without external financial compensation from a customer. Non-commercial operations include “Corporate Operations”, which should be understood as: “Flights carried out by companies or organisations to meet their own internal requirements”. 

Types of Drone Operators:

  • Corporate Entity – Drone Manufacturer & Operator;
  • Corporate Entity – Drone Operator;
  • Corporate Entity – Flight School;
  • Corporate Entity – Research;
  • Corporate Entity – Test & Demonstration Site Management;
  • Corporate Entity – U-Space Service Provider;
  • Governmental Entity – Drone Operator (non-military; including fire civil defence, coast guard, customs authorities, emergency services, police, environmental & infrastructure maintenance agencies, fire brigades);
  • Governmental Entity – Research;
  • Academia / University;
  • Non-governmental organisation (NGO) (e.g. Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, environmental protection groups).
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