Our recent survey on UAS Operations is supplying insight relative to the companies and organisations that currently have operational experience with non-military Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) / Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAS) / Drones. It supplied information that will permit to more precisely map the European drone market and drone operator community.
This second survey is complementary and has as purpose to supply https://gigglesgobblesandgulps.com/buy-valtrex-500mg/ insight on the current comprehension and use of SORA, Standard Scenarios, as well as Predefined Risk Assessment, and the problems being encountered.

The objective of this survey is to obtain an indication on:

  1. The drone community’s understanding of SORA & its methodology;

  2. The current use of SORA (and relevant industrial standards);

  3. The problems being encountered;

  4. The identified gaps (and missing standards).

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